Galaxy Zero

10:13 pm 12/26/2022: Im much happier than i was last entry and because of that im going to use my time a lot more wisely.Christmas great i got this cd of an album by C418 (the composer of Minecraft), a galaxy projector that looks really cool, some video games and some other random things. Ive been trying to stream more often and push myself to create content. I hope everyone reading this has a good day or night.

11:49 pm 6/29/2022: having trouble making videos cause im not in a good state rn. will try recording tomorrow. I also finished omori it is probably one of the best games ive played. it has a great story and great visuals with banger music to compliment it.

7:26 pm 6/24/2022: playing omori with a friend, its really good so far.